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Equipping the Saints

As I leave my house, in one borough of Montreal named after Mary, the mother of Jesus, and travel to Dio, in another borough, also named after Mary, I can scarcely avoid travelling over streets inscribed with a sacred geography.  There’s Notre-Dame de Grace, and Cote-St-Antoine. There’s St-Henri, Bonaventure, St-Laurent, St-Denis, St-Hubert, St-Hubert, St-Michel, St-Mathieu,…


A Tale of Two Bishops

For the first time in the history of Montreal Diocesan Theological College, both dioceses of Montreal and Quebec have elected graduates of the college to be their bishops: the Rt. Rev. Mary Irwin-Gibson (Diploma in Ministry 1981) in Montreal, and the Rt. Rev. Bruce Myers (Diploma in Ministry 2004) in Quebec. The college is proud…