man-pigeon-feedingLast Wednesday, we did our first case study. One of the handouts we received mentioned that a case study arises out of an experience of mission or preparation for mission which raises issues for an individual. Equally a good case study is when one finds a concrete and specific experience, something that happened, as a way of getting beyond generalities to see how you deal with an issue. We each discussed about a sample case study, then we each shared an experience and then chose one of them as our case study. We were able to describe our feelings within those events and spoke of passages from the Bible that related to the selected case study. At the end of the study, we were able to rest in knowing that the experience depicted was not fully answered, but bore a glimpse of hope.

This past Sunday, I walked within the McGill campus near the Roddick Gates and sought to feed some pigeons with a fallen piece of a hand made pretezel I had purchased. I found five pigeons to which I threw small pieces of the pastry to the ground. I realized that the pigeons did not equally have the same portion and that God was a better provider than I when it came to feeding birds. Even so, he is a greater provider for his children. On the same day, I crossed paths with a Christian friend of mine who is living in Ontario. I had the opportunity of sharing with him my mission project. He said something that caught my attention, “God, in a way, takes evil, sin and death as a “joke” – they are nothing to him”. I responded, “Nothing is to hard for our God.” What great hope is found in the gospel of Jesus-Christ. And what a wonderful Sunday to have been reminded of God’s provision, the hope we his children have in the resurrected Christ and the joy we find in fellowship. In addition, all these reminders were experienced during the outdoor service and BBQ at the Christ Cathedral on June 7th. Rhonda preached about a few parables on the kingdom of heaven, food was provided for the homeless and others related to the church and laughter came about where vivid conversations were produced amongst groups of people sitting or standing next to each other.

I wonder if such a hope will continue to shine through my colleagues and I this week. May God be our source of rest and hope.

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