Ancient Christian Tales about Jesus: (His)Story through the Eyes of Peasants, Bards, and Biographers

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Who was Jesus? Where can start to find answers? A sustained examination of the Christian Gospels in their historical, social, and literary contexts and their resonance in the contemporary world will empower students in this course with knowledge about ancient social values, politics and the Roman Empire, the relationship of the gospels to one another, and the diversity of portrayals of Jesus.

Join Dr. Frederick Tappenden in this intriguing journey of discovery. Dr. Tappenden teaches at Concordia University in Edmonton. His research on the early church won the 2017 Manfred Lautenschlager Award for Theological Promise.

Course format and time: online every Wednesday evening from 6.30pm to 9.15pm beginning January 10, 2018 and ending April 11, 2018. Students must have reliable Internet access to participate in the class.

Cost: $355

Credit: This course may be taken for credit or audited (price is the same). Credits can will be accepted towards the Certificate in Theology from the Montreal School of Theology. Letters certifying attendance at this class can also be provided for those seeking continual ministerial education credit.

Admissions: This course is open to students with an undergraduate degree (in any subject) or equivalent. It is suitable for people engaged in lay or ordained ministry, those preparing for ministry, or those looking for continuing ministerial education. Please contact the college if you have any questions about whether you are eligible to apply.

Accommodation in Montreal for intensive courses: Please contact the college for information on reduced cost accommodation in Montreal during the two intensive courses in January.

Application and registration: To apply for this course, please contact Beth Reed ( or 514.849.3004 x221) who can assist you in the next steps of the process. Once the application process and registration are complete, students will receive more information about the course including readings and assignments.

For more information, including application and registration, please contact the college: 514.849.3004 x221 and

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