Changing World, Renewed Theology: New courses at Montreal Dio

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Fifty years ago, if you walked into an Anglican church on a Sunday morning, the service was likely Morning Prayer, the priest was male, who, if he was married, was married to a woman, and the word “mission” was used only in reference to the overseas activity of the church—if it was used at all.

If you walk into an Anglican church today, the Sunday morning service is likely to be Eucharist, the priest is male or female, who, in some places, may be married to someone of the same or opposite sex, and the word “mission” is used constantly—both in reference to the local and global activity of the church.

How did such fundamental changes come about in such a relatively short period of time?

Answering that question is the focus of a new four-day intensive course from Montreal Diocesan Theological College titled “Debating Mission, Marriage, and the Eucharist in the Anglican Communion.” The course meets for four days in Montreal, from January 22 to January 25, 2018. It’s taught by Dio’s principal, the Rev. Dr. Jesse Zink, and the former director of pastoral studies, the Rev. Paul Jennings.

Students will read a range of works by theologians, historians, and inter-church bodies to understand the theological rationales that have underlain the momentous shifts in liturgy and theology in the last half century. In lecture and class discussion, they will offer a critical appraisal of where the Anglican tradition in North America currently stands and how the church is called to respond to the world in which it now ministers.

“Debating Mission, Marriage, and the Eucharist in the Anglican Communion” is one of several courses that Dio is offering in winter 2018. From January 15 to 19, 2018, a separate one-week intensive course is being taught by the Rev. Dr. Dale Woods on Congregational Leadership. Students will think deeply about models of Christian leadership and how they relate to congregational ministry in particular.

There is also an online class, “Ancient Christian Tales about Jesus: (His)story through the eyes of peasants, bards, and biographers” taught by Dr. Fred Tappenden. This course is an introduction to the Christian gospels in their social, historical, and political context. Students will learn more about how early Christians thought about Jesus and how the gospels relate to one another. The course meets online every Wednesday from 6.30pm to 9.15pm (eastern time zone) beginning on January 10, 2018 and concluding April 11, 2018.

Each of these courses is suitable for those preparing for lay or ordained ministry, those already in such ministry, or those seeking continuing ministerial education credit. The cost of each course is $355.

More information on all of these courses, including how credit is given, accommodation in Montreal, and how to apply and register, is available elsewhere on our website. You may also call the college at 514.849.3004 x221 or e-mail

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