Montreal Mission Internship Introduction – Jaime Grennan

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Hi All!

I am one of the five interns who have been blessed with the opportunity to spend ten weeks creating and executing a mission project in the city of Montreal!

First, to introduce myself briefly. I am from a small town in eastern Connecticut and have come to Montreal to study as well as for the vibrant and international culture. I am a student at McGill University and will be a senior this upcoming semester. I am studying international cultures in the hopes of gaining the tools necessary to connect with individuals on personal levels to understand them and respect them fully. I would love to use this knowledge to facilitate interactions – governmental, business, aid organizations, etc. – between previously or presently misunderstood cultures and North America to create a more fruitful and amicable environment for both parties. Other than university I spend my time mostly within the community of Faith – they tend to keep you very busy if they realize you’ll volunteer for just about anything! Between Sunday services, weekly bible study, and monthly ecumenical worship events I have my hands full and couldn’t be happier. Through my involvement in the church I have witnessed and been enveloped in multiple faith communities that have enveloped me in love and grace. My commitment to my faith has been strengthened due to constant interaction with a multiplicity of faith-based friends and clergy. It is now time to see this commitment come to fruition – and this is one of the reasons I decided I wanted to be a part of the MMI.

In deciding what my mission would be the main parameters I set up for myself was that first and foremost it had to be something that we as Christians are called to do; secondly I wanted to do something that would not simply end July 18th when the internship finished – part of the mission had to carry on and continue to be beneficial to those involved; and lastly, the internship had to provide something to a community that was not being reached enough and was “under the radar.” SO, hearing this and a few floating ideas about youth and gardening, the MMI committee set me up at the St. Thomas Anglican Church. There I will be conducting my mission in the form of a youth-planned community meal. I plan to connect with the youth and give them the responsibility of planning, preparing, and holding a community meal. As their guide I will ask questions and direct them along the way, but ultimately make this their event. It is my hope that this will give them a sense of agency and an understanding of their strengths as well as give them a few skill sets that they will ultimately need in life that aren’t necessarily taught to them – such as menu planning, cooking a well-balanced wholesome meal, budgeting, grocery shopping, organization and decision making. Already the youth have showed great interest in being so involved and have taken on their roles easily. We are in for one heck of an “All Around the World Picnic” in June!

With this not-so-brief introduction, I hope you have gotten a sense of me and what my mission will be. I ask for your thoughts and prayers. I also encourage you to reach out and comment or speak to me in person – I will be around Christ Church Cathedral often during these upcoming weeks – should you have any guidance or advice!

Thank you for your support and blessings,



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