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John the Baptist: A True Trendsetter

This week in class we discussed the beheading of John the Baptist and how Herod kept his word in giving his daughter whatever she were to ask for. Though much was discussed in this conversation what really stuck with me was the brief portion of our discussion that was directed toward Herod’s fears. There were…

Stumbling Blocks are Humbling Lessons

I am writing this reflection at the end of our fourth week of the MMI. An entire month has gone by; a month that has brought more questions than answers – as any good theological journey should – and a time that has been systematically structured to induce constant personal reflection. That being said, when…


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Relationship Status: Committed to God

This past Friday I spent the day at a family wedding. Aside from having a blast with all the cousins, aunts and uncles that an Irish family provides, I was also left reflecting on the idea of “relationship” during my twelve hours of travel the next day. Now, my reflections may be full of heresies,…